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The Legend

Chapter 1

A Curious Creature

Once upon a time a young boy named Xavier Roberts was playing in the woods near his home in the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia.

He was playing and daydreaming when suddenly a curious creature buzzed by his head. It looked like a bunny but it flew in the air and buzzed like a bee. Xavier decided to try to catch this little flying puffball so he started following it through the woods. Over streams and up and down hills they went.

Just as Xavier was about to capture the Bunnybee, it flew straight into a waterfall and disappeared. Xavier was sure the Bunnybee had drowned! But no! The Bunnybee flew straight back out of the waterfall and took a spin around Xavier’s head teasing him to follow.

Chapter 2

Into the Cave Behind the Waterfall

Xavier thought for a moment about what he had seen and decided to take a closer look at the waterfall. Sure enough, the waterfall wasn’t an ordinary waterfall at all. There was an inviting little dry cave behind the water. That’s how the Bunnybee survived! With that discovery, Xavier held his breath and splashed through the water into the hidden cave. He rubbed his eyes to adjust to the dim light and when he looked again he saw millions of beautiful sparkling crystals of all sizes and colors. Xavier was so surprised by the sight that he almost forgot about the Bunnybee! But that didn’t last long. Here came the Bunnybee buzzing him again, flying off deeper into the cave. Xavier took out his flashlight and started to follow. This was really becoming an adventure.

Chapter 3

Cabbages, Cabbages!

The Bunnybee led the way and Xavier followed. When Xavier stopped to inspect the crystals, the Bunnybee would come back and corral him, moving him deeper into the cave. It wasn’t long before Xavier started to notice that the cave wasn’t getting darker, it was getting lighter. Maybe this cave is actually a tunnel, he thought. He wondered where it would lead. The end of the tunnel finally appeared but the opening was covered with Kudzu vines so you couldn’t see what was on the other side. Xavier took out his pocketknife to cut away some of the vines and poked his head into the bright sunlight once again.

Amazing! Bunnybees were flying all around sprinkling magic dust from the crystals onto the cabbages. Rows and rows of cabbages were everywhere. But, there was something different about them. Xavier blinked his eyes and squinted at what he thought was movement among the cabbage leaves. Xavier moved closer and soon could see that there were lots of small kids and babies sleeping and playing among the cabbages.

Chapter 4

​Otis Lee and the Cabbage Patch Kids

From the nearest cabbage a little boy came toward Xavier and offered to shake his hand. He introduced himself as Otis Lee, one of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Xavier smiled and shook hands with his new friend. What is a Cabbage Patch Kid he asked?

Otis Lee explained Cabbage Patch Kids are kids and babies of all sizes and shapes that are born in the secret cabbage patch. The Bunnybees flying all around sprinkle magic crystal dust on the mother cabbages and that magic causes Cabbage Patch Kids to be born in the Cabbage Patch. Did you come to help us find homes of our own, Otis Lee asked? Xavier thought about this question very carefully and then said yes. He promised Otis Lee that he would build a special place called BabyLand General where all the Cabbage Patch Kids and Babies can live and play until someone adopts them and takes them home. After all, everybody should have a family to love!

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