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Bath Camp and Surgery for Originals

Original Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids are hand-stitched to birth in Cleveland, Georgia. Their "skin" is fabric from head to toe. There is no vinyl on an Original.

Bath Camp is the place to send your Originals for minor repairs and just good clean fun.

We are unable to accept Toy or Exclusive Kids or Babies with vinyl heads or bodies that were manufactured by Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel, Toys R Us, Play Along, Jakks or Wicked Cool Toys.

Additional Exclusions:

Some Special Editions or Collections of Originals are also excluded from Bath Camp because of the delicacy of their hairstyles or other special details (i.e. the painted faces of our clowns).

Any alterations to an Original made by someone other than a trained employee of our company will disqualify that Original from participating in Bath Camp or surgery.

Services Available:

For eligible Originals accepted into Bath Camp we offer the following cosmetic surgeries: baths, the addition of facial dimples, re-blushing, the addition of earrings* or freckles*, (*so long as those features were available within the particular edition or collection.) We also offer limited surgical repairs when possible.

Getting to Bath Camp

You may bring your Original Little Person or Cabbage Patch Kid to BabyLand General Hospital or you can send your Original to us through either the US Postal Service or UPS. We recommend you insure your precious bundle. The exact amount of insurance is up to you.

Please send your Little Person or Cabbage Patch Kid unclothed and ready for a bath together with a completed and signed Bath Camp Admittance form. (Click here for the form.)

Be sure to include your name, address any special instructions and a daytime telephone number where we may reach you.

If sending via US Postal Service:

Bath Camp
C/O BabyLand General Hospital
P.O. Box 714
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

If sending via UPS:

Bath Camp
C/O BabyLand General Hospital
300 N.O.K. Drive
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

Once your Original arrives we will conduct a thorough examination. If there are any additional recommended services, we will call the daytime number provided to obtain prior approval. We can not begin any bath or surgery procedures until we receive "parental consent" and approval of estimated costs.

Estimated Fees:

  • Bath only: $40.00
  • Repair or replace an injured arm: $15.00
  • Repair or replace an injured leg: $15.00
  • Repairing runs in the "skin": $5.00 per inch
  • Hair repair varies from $7.00 to $100.00 depending upon the style and severity of the damage.

Once the services are approved, time in Bath Camp may last from 4 to 6 weeks.

"Parents" are responsible for all fees including "travel" to and from Bath Camp.

Upon completion of Bath Camp services, return shipping will be calculated and you will be notified your Original is ready to come home.

All major credit cards are accepted.

We look forward to seeing your Originals at our Bath Camp!

For more information, contact a Bath Camp Counselor at: bath.camp@cabbagepatchkids.com or call Cabbage Patch Kids at 706-865-2171 extension 275.