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BabyLand General® Hospital Tour

When you first enter BabyLand General Hospital, you will be welcomed by one of our nurses stationed at the front desk. Just like a real hospital, we like to ask our visitors to sign in. After signing in you may begin your self-guided tour of our beautiful new facility. In the front room, please stop and take a look in the display cases filled with a collection of some of our earliest Little People (the original name of the hand-stitched to birth Cabbage Patch Kids) dating back to 1978. Many of these extra special Little People were "re-adopted" from private collections. With original adoption fees of $35 to $40, current values for some range up to $37,000!

As you move through the swinging port-hole doors, you will enter our nurseries for hand-stitched Original Kids and Babies. These extra special works of soft-sculpted art continue to be lovingly hand crafted by local artists in Cleveland, Georgia. These Originals are available for immediate adoption. Feel free to pick them up and give them a hug. They love the attention!

After you leave the three nurseries of Originals, you will enter into a large open room with a Magic Crystal Tree as its' centerpiece. Be sure and listen for any announcement that there is a Mother Cabbage in labor. When you hear the announcement gather in front of the Magic Crystal Tree and witness the birth of an Original Cabbage Patch Kid. While you are waiting, have fun meeting all the Exclusive Cabbage Patch Kids in the displays to your left. There are many to choose from and they are all adorable.

In the center of BabyLand in front of the tree you will find several cribs full of Exclusive Babies available for adoption. These babies are only available at BabyLand and on our Website. They are approximately 17 inches tall and wear removable clothing. Each comes with a pacifier and a Birth Certificate.

To the right of the Exclusive Babies you will see our vast collection of Toy Cabbage Patch Kids. These are the ones that most people remember from the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the early 1980's. We also offer other gifts, toys, plush and accessories. There is something for everyone to see. Take your time and look around.

Once you have selected your Original Cabbage Patch Kid, you will be invited into one of our adoption offices to take the oath of adoption and complete your papers. Each hand-stitched Original comes with its own birth certificate and adoption papers. Congratulations! You just became a new parent.

BabyLand General® Gardens

The Gardens at BabyLand General are Cabbage Patch Kids' creator Xavier Roberts’ ongoing tribute to his mother Miss Eula Roberts.

Cross pollinating different varieties of evergreen and native azaleas, irises, daylilies, amaryllis and more, Xavier’s vision is to create a relaxing mountain landscape with colorful seasonal gardens reminiscent of an 18th Century natural English Garden.

Most varieties in the gardens are grown from seed, presenting new flowers with their parent’s characteristics, which is revealed as nature’s surprise that Xavier wants to share with all visitors.

Potted container gardens line the bricked porch, where visitors can find a rocking chair and appreciate the fresh mountain breeze cooled by a nearby stream and leaves of the sugar maples, dogwoods, cherry, apple, oak and delicate Japanese Maple trees.

*There is no charge to enjoy BabyLand General® Gardens.