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General Information

  • Do you have a retail store?
    Yes. BabyLand General Hospital is located off Hulsey Road at 300 N.O.K. Drive in Cleveland, Georgia. Known as the official Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids and recognized by The Travel Channel as a top 10 Toyland, BabyLand is open to the public year round. For more information including visiting hours and directions, click on the Visit BabyLand button on our home page.
  • What is the difference between an Original Handstitched Cabbage Patch Kid, a BabyLand Exclusive and a Toy Cabbage Patch Kid?
    The Original Handstitched Cabbage Patch is an individual work of art. Each soft sculpture is hand stitched to birth in Cleveland, Georgia by local artists. The Handstitched Originals can be identified by their fabric head and hand painted features. No two Handstitched Original Cabbage Patch Kids are exactly alike. The Exclusives are available only at BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia and on our website. They are available in only two sizes and have vinyl heads and cloth bodies. The current Toy Cabbage Patch Kids are produced under license by WCT Toy Company in Bristol, PA. The Toys generally have vinyl heads and are smaller and less expensive than the Originals or Exclusives. Toys are pre-packaged in boxes marked with the WCT logo. If you have a question about a WCT Toy Cabbage Patch Kid, you can contact WCT Customer Service at 888-519-1392 or email them at info@wickedcooltoys.com
  • Alterations of an Original Policy
    Little People and Original Cabbage Patch Kids and Babies are one-of-a-kind works of soft sculpture art and are both copyrighted and trademarked in the name of Xavier Roberts and Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc. As owners of these protected images, we are the only parties allowed to produce “derivative works” under the law. We are also the only parties to grant permission to use our logos and images on licensed products. Anyone who takes advantage of our images, copyrights or trademarks without written permission from OAA would be in violation of our protected rights.

    We have recently been receiving a number of calls and questions concerning the practices of “smooshing” and “re-rooting” of hair by third party individuals. For that reason, we have decided to post the following information:

    As a work of art, the creator of the art retains all rights in the artistic creation and any right to alter the Original design. Anyone who purchases one of our works of art, has physical possession of the artwork and can alter it to their liking, however, they do not have our permission to represent an altered original for “re- adoption” as an “Original” “Little Person” or “Cabbage Patch Kid” or any other of our works of art.

    While we hope all who adopt these Original one of a kind works of art will enjoy them as they are, we understand that you may want to make some physical changes of your own. You are welcome to do so. However we feel compelled to advise you changes that significantly alter the appearance of one of our Originals, (including but not limited to all changes made by the use of needle and thread) may affect the value of the Original work of art as a collectable and if so altered this Little Person or Cabbage Patch Kid should not be offered for re-adoption as an “Original work of art” from Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc. or Xavier Roberts.

    For many years now we have been maintaining photographs of our works as they are created. We sometimes use those photographs to verify the Original appearance of our works.

    When possible and for a small fee we will still offer “Certificates of Hand Delivery” for Originals that have lost their papers. These certificates are issued without an identifying baby number and with the baby image you provide. While these certificates provide our opinion that the art in question was delivered by OAA, it does not certify that the work of art remains in Original condition.
  • How can I find a Cabbage Patch Kid like the one I had as a child?
    Check our website or visit BabyLand General Hospital to see the latest crop of Cabbage Patch Kids currently available. If you are looking for a particular skin tone, eye color or hair color, it is very likely we will have something similar to what you remember. If you want a baby with a specific name, you may try our renaming option to get the name you want. The Cabbage Patch Kids available for adoption today may not be identical to earlier Cabbage Patch Kids as styles have changed.
  • What is included with my kid or baby?
    Original Cabbage Patch Kids come dressed as shown in their photo. The outfit is completely removable. Each one comes with a Birth Certificate and Adoption Paper. Props used in the photos are not included unless specifically stated. Exclusive Kids and Babies come dressed as shown in their photo. Their clothing is completely removable. If the photo shows a pacifier, it is also included. Each one comes with a Birth Certificate. Props used in the photos are not included unless specifically stated. Toy Cabbage Patch Kids come dressed as shown in the photo and with the accessories shown. Most outfits are removable unless otherwise stated. Most come with a birth certificate unless otherwise stated.
  • How often do you update the website?
    We update whenever we receive new deliveries from Mother Cabbage.
  • ​I saw a baby earlier on the website and now I can't find it. Where did it go?
    Removal of an individual photo of a Kid or Baby from our website is an indication that particular Kid or Baby has been adopted. You can use our filter to view other Kids or Babies with the particular features you desire.

Birth Certificate Customization

  • How do I rename my baby?
    If your baby is eligible for our renaming service, a “rename baby” button will appear above the “adopt now” button. Click on this button and a field will open for you to type in the name and/or birthday of your choice for your new baby. The name will not change until you actually adopt the baby. If name & birthdate is not chosen for the Exclusive collection, you will receive a blank birth certificate.
  • What is the fee to rename a baby or give it a special birth date?
    When you adopt a Toy Cabbage Patch Kid, BabyLand Exclusive Kid or a BabyLand Exclusive Baby from our website, the fee is $3.00 for these services. There is no fee for renaming or changing the birth date for a hand stitched Original Cabbage Patch Kid.
  • How will my customized birth certificate arrive?
    Your birth certificate will arrive with your baby in the bottom of the shipping box. If you ordered a packaged Toy Cabbage Patch Kid, you may want to remove the original certificate affixed to the inside of the package and replace it with the new one. We do not open any of the Toy packages as collectors prefer the packages remain unopened.
  • Can I still get a birth certificate from you if I didn’t get my baby from your shopping cart?
    The customized birth certificate is offered exclusively to our website customers or those who shop at BabyLand General Hospital.
  • Are replacement papers available for Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids?

    Replacement papers are only available for certain Handstitched Soft Sculptured Originals (those with a fabric face). Replacement papers are not available for any vinyl faced Cabbage Patch Kids. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for researching the Little People and Original Cabbage Patch Kids’ history. If we determine replacement papers are available, you will be notified of the cost of those particular replacement papers and given the opportunity to purchase them.

    If you have an Original Handstitched Soft Sculpted Cabbage Patch Kid or Little Person, send your email request for replacement papers to billie.cameron@cabbagepatchkids.com Please include the following information: Full front and back photos of the baby (with and without clothes), the full original name of the baby, the name of the first adopting parent and if available, the individual baby registration number. Baby registration numbers may be found on the back of the original birth certificate, in the third line of the Adoption Paper, and beginning in the late 1980’s, on the fabric tag on the side of the baby.


  • How can I determine the value of my Cabbage Patch Kid or Little Person?
    There are literally hundreds of thousands of different Cabbage Patch Kids that have been delivered in the past 30 plus years making it impossible for us to monitor individual values.

    The true value of an individual Cabbage Patch Kid or Little Person is the re-adoption fee a third party might be willing to give you for your specific Kid or Baby. You may want to consider joining our Collector’s Club so that you can communicate with other members who are looking to readopt Cabbage Patch Kids or you may want to visit auction websites such as Ebay to find similar Cabbage Patch Kids being offered for re-adoption. In order to request maximum value for your Cabbage Patch Kid from a collector, you should be able to provide the baby’s original adoption papers and original clothing.


  • What shipping options do you offer?
    You can select from USPS Priority Mail, also called “Standard Regular Mail” or UPS Ground for all orders being delivered in the US. Orders outside the US will ship USPS International Priority Mail.
  • When will my package ship?
    Normally, orders that are placed before 6 pm Eastern Standard Time will process on the following business day. (Business days are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time) Orders placed after 6 pm on Thursday as well as orders placed on Friday, Saturday and before 6 pm Eastern Standard Time Sunday will process for shipping the following Monday.
  • How long does it take for my package to arrive once it is shipped?
    For delivery to the East Coast of the United States, you can expect to receive your package within 2 to 4 business days after the order has shipped. Delivery to the Mid West usually takes from 3 to 4 business days and West Coast delivery usually takes from 4 to 7 business days.
  • How can I track my package?
    Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking information. You will need to follow the instructions on that email in order to track your package.
    PLEASE NOTE: Tracking numbers for customer orders will not be active or provide any information until after your order has been picked up by our carrier in the late afternoon.
  • How will my Cabbage Patch Kid arrive?
    All of our Original Soft Sculpted Cabbage Patch Kids and Exclusives will be gently wrapped and sent to you in a plain brown shipping box. They are individuals and do not have a box for display. The Toy version of Cabbage Patch Kids often come in a display box which we then pack inside our plain brown shipping box before sending to you.
  • Do you offer expedited shipping?
    To request expedited shipping, you must call our online department at 706-865-2171 before you place your order. Calls are accepted Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 2:00 Eastern Standard Time.
  • Do you ship to other countries?
    Yes, we ship via USPS International Priority Mail. International delivery can take from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the final destination. Once orders have been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. Once your package arrives in your country it will go through customs and we no longer have control of the delivery.
  • Will there be additional fees on international shipments?
    The shipping fees we charge do not cover any fees, VAT, taxes or duties that you may be charged by the Customs Department in your country. If duties apply, the amount will be determined by your Customs Department and will be collected by them.

Return Policy:

Original, hand-stitched soft sculpture Little People Kids and Babies are individual works of art and may not be returned for refund or exchange. Exclusive Kids and Babies may not be returned as they are also one-of-a-kind. Toys and accessories may be returned unused and in the original package for refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. Our address for returns is CPK Online Department Attention:Vicki, P.O. Box 714, Cleveland, Georgia 30528