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Kinsley Valentina

Original Newborn Baby

Cabbage Patch Kids




No matter how many Newborns are born a day at BabyLand General Hospital no two are ever exactly alike because of different hair colors, eye colors, and expressions. As different and as unique as you are. Be ready to name these special babies with your choice of a first and middle name. 
These 17" Newborns are dressed in adorable Halloween Themed Outfits. They are ready for homes and ready for care.

*PLEASE NOTE: Mother Cabbage does not allow us to send home the Newborns with the Cabbage as you see in the picture. You will receive your baby in the sleeper outfit with the baby blanket only.

All Adoptions are final.


BIRTHMARK Silk Screened
EYE COLOR Almond Shape / Brown
HAIR COLOR Unique Color
SIZE 17 Inches

Hand-stitched Kids & Babies Size Chart

Birth Certificate and Customization Options

*Options to make your baby uniquely yours